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During my 30 year business career, I have found myself drawing through most meetings and every telephone call.  For some strange reason, I have always found that I am able to concentrate better while drawing/doodling.  After many meetings I would bring home my “drawings”, on a yellow pad, to show my wife.  She insisted I do these on proper paper with proper pens so they could be framed.  Since then, I have been encouraged by close friends and family to pursue that serious hobby which has become my passion.


People are usually surprised to learn that no straight edge is used.  I am simply able to draw a straight line!


I have not had formal training, though I come from a family of artists.  The most noteworthy is my aunt who attended the Bauhaus in pre-Nazi Germany and became a master weaver.  Obviously, early exposure to Bauhaus designs and Escher engravings has influenced me.


It gives me pleasure to know my work hangs in private collections in Rome, New York, Montague, Marco Island, La Jolla, Encinitas, and Los Angeles.

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