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William Hinson is a Memphis, Tennessee-based artist whose paintings draw influence from the investigation of industrial sites and architectural forms. His work is essentially an interpretation of surface in the context of time, durability and character. Hinson’s paintings reveal unique patterns and markings caused by layers of paint. The surface markings provide a narrative that speaks to the spirit of structure that were once alive and producing.


Hinson’s paintings provide a sense of tribute, an acknowledgement in the importance of contribution, value, transformation and the trace of heritage. He explains, “The flesh, the tangible offer a reassurance to our being.” Hinson is also involved in the resurrection and reinterpretation of found objects. The assemblage and composition of these forms are an extension of the values supported by the current body of paintings.


Hinson received an MFA degree from Rhode Island School of Design in 1991 and has held teaching positions at University of Memphis and University of Tennessee at Chattanooga in addition to his alma mater. He has also participated in numerous graphic design projects ranging from corporate identity and publications to signage and way finding.



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