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Originally from Denmark, Christel Ibsen began her artistic career as a fashion photographer and filmographer and has worked in New York, London and Paris with designers such as Karl Lagerfeld, Christian Dior, YSL and Jean Paul Gaultier. With Terence Donovan as her director, she produced video magazines for Depeche Mode, Marie Claire and Dior. In 1996, she was honored by President Ronald Reagan for a special event organized by her production company, Outrévisions, at the White House.


It was not until a genetic condition caused sudden and rapid hearing loss that Ibsen threw herself into painting and allowed her new talent to flourish. Her work is influenced by her studies in fresco painting at New York’s National Academy and Isabel O’Neil, an institute for the decorative arts in the Venetian Style. Ibsen has exhibited her work in more than forty solo and group shows, including at the National Gallery, Ritz Carlton Gallery and Morgan Gallery in Grand Cayman and Le Presbytère and Au P'tit Normand in Normandy, France. Her work belongs to private collections in the Holland, France, England, Italy, Portugal, the United States, Canada, Brazil, Japan, United Arab Emirates, Grand Cayman and her native Denmark.

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