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Fortuna Szpiro is an accomplished artist with years of experience carving natural stone. As a sculptor, Szpiro has worked with stones from all over the world including Brazil, Turkey, Egypt, Italy, the United States and Italy. She sees colors and textures in her the stones as a reflection of the diversity that exists on the planet and in its community.


Szpiro’s sculpture combines many aspects of her personality: sensuality, intuition, softness, rudeness, spontaneity and technical ability. Szpiro compares her handling of the stone to the way human beings should be treated: “If you apply too much force, it may break. But if you treat it with care, it will reveal its wonders.”


Szpiro prides herself in allowing stone to lead the way as she carves, creating bold yet flowing abstract forms. She draws inspiration from abstract artists like Jackson Pollock, Henry Moore, Georgia O’Keefe, Isamu Noguchi, Rene Magritte and Constantine Brancusi. Szpiro’s sculptures are more than just a visual experience; she invites her viewers to connect with her sculptures by touching them and to understand how it affects the way we conceive sculpture.


Since her first show in 2008, Szpiro’s work has been widely exhibited internationally in solo and group exhibitions. Szpiro participated in the Redwood Gallery in Colorado in 2010 and 2012. She studied at the Arts Students’ League of New York in April 2013 and 2014 and her works were on display in the Lobby of Coliseum Park Apartments in New York City from December 2014- January 2015.

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