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Sonja Eisenberg

Born in Berlin in 1926, Eisenberg fled Nazi Germany with her family and came to New York where she lived and worked until her death in January 2017. In the words of Olivier Bernier of the Metropolitan Museum of Art, "That her technique is dazzling goes without saying: these transparent mists, these vaporous distances, these infinitely subtle shades which appear in her work seem as if nature itself had made them; but then, great art always seems inevitable. We are offered a series of voluptuous pleasures as we look at the wealth of details; and that is as it should be. Other artists might think that, alone, was a sufficient achievement. Eisenberg knows better: even as her work seduces the eye, it speaks to the soul; and that is why it will remain after so much else is forgotten."


Eisenberg's paintings have been exhibited widely across the United States and in France, Israel, Japan, Amsterdam, Austria, England, Switzerland and her native Germany. Her work is represented in the Smithsonian Institute (Washington, DC), the Jewish Museum of Art (New York, NY), the official collection of the United Nations (New York, NY), the Palm Springs Art Museum (Palm Springs, CA) and dozens of public and private collections.

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