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Stephanie von Fürstenberg was born in Donzdorf, Baden-Württemberg. The rural atmosphere and closeness to nature gave her a carefree childhood. Her imaginative spirit was already apparent in the early years of her life and she began to paint and to decorate her environment at the age of 5.


Time passed and she applied her creativity and intuitive color sense to designing the collections in her father's textile business, the Göppinger Wäsche- und Bekleidungsfabrik Benedikt von Fürstenberg. Stephanie von Fürstenberg married and moved to Zurich where she currently resides. The sudden death of her husband was a turning point in her life. She left the world of textiles and found her way back to her artistic roots. A series of journeys took her, amongst other places, to India, China and St. Petersburg.


She discovered her own world in painting. Her imagery possesses clear coloration and outstanding beauty of form. The colors in her artwork are powerful yet delicate. The publishing company Reiterkunstverlag AG Zürich soon acquires her motifs for art cards. She creates jewelry in collaboration with the Munich jeweler Stephan Kaddick. She paints a picture for each piece of jewelry.


There is a permanent exhibition of her pictures at Stefan Lubczyk's, Tovaletto, Designideen Munich. It appears that she inherited her love for painting and her perception of color from Anna Boch (1848 - 1936), an ancestor on her mother's side from the von Boch (Villeroy & Boch) family. "My paintings are guided by my feelings, because I paint what my soul tells me. My desire is to adorn the unbridled freedom and joy of life"

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