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Strong-Cuevas's work explores inner consciousness, outer space and communication through space and time. In the words of distinguished art critic Donald Kuspit, "Strong-Cuevas's sculpture is rooted in primitive art, with its bold structures, expressive directness, communal symbolism, and conviction of cosmic absolutes. It is also rooted in Cubism, with its awareness of the dialectical ambiguity of appearances, perhaps most evident in Picasso's use of frontal and profile views of the face in a single image, at once integrating them yet allowing them their difference. Primordial expression and sophisticated perception are the alpha and omega of modern art."

Born in Paris, Strong-Cuevas lives and works in New York, where she studied under John Hovannes at the Art Students League of New York and worked on projects with Toto Meylan. Her work has been exhibited in dozens of solo and group exhibitions and is represented in the collections of the Bruce Museum (Greenwich, Connecticut), Heckscher Museum (Huntington, New York), Guild Hall Museum (East Hampton, New York), Grounds for Sculpture (Hamilton, New Jersey) and the Smithsonian-affiliated Long Island Museum (Stony Brook, New York). Her ten-foot bronze, Arch III, was recently chosen by the New York City Parks Department to be exhibited in Dag Hammarskjöld Plaza across from the United Nations.

Photograph by Christophe von Hohenberg

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